Saturday, June 27, 2015

O! Taho

Years ago, whenever I had a craving for tofu dessert, I would drive into Richmond and go to either May Lian Foods 美廉傳統豆腐 on Maycrest Way or Excellent Tofu 好好豆品專賣店 on Hazelbridge Way (Central Plaza 中環廣場).  Ever since Marv/Colleen of 604Munchies showered us with a 4L tub of taho, my princess mode kicked in and would not eat tofu dessert from anywhere else locally but Garden City Kabob Grill in Richmond.  Yes, I am spoiled.

So what does Garden City Kabob Grill has to do with O! Taho?  Well, the former no longer exists.  The owners migrated across the bridge and opened a little shop on Fraser Street by East 26th Avenue in Vancouver.

 What's so special about this tofu dessert?  First and foremost, that strong soy fragrance is addicting.  Doesn't matter you're eating it hot, warm or cold, the strong soy bean aroma would conquer your taste buds.  May Lian Foods 美廉傳統豆腐 and Excellent Tofu 好好豆品專賣店 just could not compete with O! Taho.

Next, the price is right.  I usually order the 4L bucket for $20, which comes with a container of sago pearls and a container of brown sugar syrup.  Years ago, I recall paying more for the same size tub at Excellent Tofu 好好豆品專賣店 and it came with no pearls.  Oh, and I had to pay extra for the syrup.

Last, but not the least, this comes with sago pearls (or tapioca pearls, whatever you prefer calling those starch balls)...that's BUBBLES!!!  Need I say more?

This is not really a grab-n-go place as each taho is made-to-order.  It's a good idea to call and place your order in advance.  It's also probably a good idea to show up on time to pick up your taho, or else your bucket may end up in the hands of any walk-in customer.  Yes, this place is popular.  Btw, this place is cash only.

O! Taho
4223 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4G2

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