Friday, March 25, 2016

Sandwich House Tres (Bellevue WA)

Making an overnight trip into the States, it's my job to find the snacks.  Avoiding the typical fast food joints, I searched for something different, something we couldn't find at home.  Sandwich House Tres was one of such find.  Situated in a nondescript plaza somewhere in Bellevue, this mom-and-pop place makes its own fresh bread for its Japanese sandwiches.

According to the staff, it was a strange day when we visited.  Most of their sandwiches were gobbled up by earlier buyers.  We arrived shortly after noon and its available selections were very limited

One of their main "Fruit Zone" sandwiches is the Strawberry, consisting of just bread, strawberries and whip cream.  This was a simple combination that had quality.  The thin cut housemade bread was soft and light.  The strawberries were firm and sweet.  The whip cream was rich, creamy and only lightly sweetened.  This had that perfect balance and reminded me of a strawberry shortcake, but better, of course.  Both Buddha Girl and I really enjoyed this.

In all, we bought a total of four types of sandwiches and we ate them over the course of the day.

Pork Cutlet - We didn't really enjoy this one.  The coating on the cutlet itself was heavy and the moisture made the sandwich a bit too wet.  The pork was a thick cut, but it was bland and tough.

Ham Wrapped Egg Salad - This was good, but was nothing extraordinary.

Teriyaki Chicken - The chicken was chopped too finely that it lost its textured bite.  The sandwich was really salty, blame it on the teriyaki sauce?

The bread here is really good but the fillings can be a hit and miss.  Given that their menu is quite extensive, we do want to come back and try more items.  The friendly owners do put a lot of care in their products and it shows.

 Sandwich House Tres
1502 145th Pl SE, Bellevue, WA 98007, United States

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