Saturday, June 27, 2015

O! Taho

Years ago, whenever I had a craving for tofu dessert, I would drive into Richmond and go to either May Lian Foods 美廉傳統豆腐 on Maycrest Way or Excellent Tofu 好好豆品專賣店 on Hazelbridge Way (Central Plaza 中環廣場).  Ever since Marv/Colleen of 604Munchies showered us with a 4L tub of taho, my princess mode kicked in and would not eat tofu dessert from anywhere else locally but Garden City Kabob Grill in Richmond.  Yes, I am spoiled.

So what does Garden City Kabob Grill has to do with O! Taho?  Well, the former no longer exists.  The owners migrated across the bridge and opened a little shop on Fraser Street by East 26th Avenue in Vancouver.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Soup House 湯.com

Previously located where Aji-Kura Ramen & Sushi 味藏 is, The One Spot Soup House 湯.com has moved up north on the same block and has slightly changed its name to The Soup House 湯.com.