Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Off The Grid Waffles

It's been a while since our last post.  With a new focus in life, our blog has dropped to the very bottom of our to-do list.  There were moments where I attempted to sit in front of a PC and type, however, things never went as planned.

That being said, I have been vividly posting photos of our eats on Instagram, and, if I remember, on Twitter and Facebook as well.  After all, posting photos from a smartphone is much easier (and faster) than typing a blog post on a PC.

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Facebook Page: FOOD FOR BUDDHA (@FoodForBuddha)

So what's our new focus in life?  Allow me to introduce the newest member of our family, BabyE.  She was born in early July at the BC Women's Hospital weighing approximately seven pounds.  Thank you Dr.W and the whole care team for delivering and tending our beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Anyhow, back to the food.  After dropping off our truck at a neighborhood mechanic, I decided to make a quick stop at this waffle joint while strolling my way home with BabyE.  Every time we drove by this place, it's always packed with people.  The hype piqued my curiosity.

Menu was simple, small and limited.  Prices were...not cheap.

There's a wall display of tea leaves next to the front counter that allows patrons to sense the aroma.  Each table along the wall has a set of Jenga blocks to entertain the customers.

For $9.00CAD, the Grilled Chicken Breast Pizza Waffle was quite disappointing.  The waffle itself was overly sweet and dense.  And, instead of a delicate crisp, the waffle had an awkward dry crunch.  Perhaps the waffle was left too long in the oven after it was created and removed from the waffle maker.

The "grilled chicken breast" was pretty similar to the packaged chicken breast found in Costco.  The commercial-grade cheese mix was mozza and cheddar, a standard pizza blend.

My only positive note about the $4.00CAD Passion Fruit Lemonade was it being "freshly squeezed".  However, while it has that fresh tartness, the lemonade was quite diluted with very minimal taste of artificial passion fruit flavoring.

Buddha Boy asked if I'd return to try other types of waffles and I firmly said no.  Food quality was below par.  Service was uninviting and cold.  Not exactly sure how long the hype will last...

Off The Grid Waffles
2665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5H4

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