Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳

After another morning visit at the clinic, Buddha Boy and I decided to try the breakfast offerings at Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳 on Cambie Street in Vancouver.

Years ago, we've dined at this restaurant many times on different occasions but were never satisfied with its food nor the the service.  While we did not rule it out of our list, we never seemed to find a good enough reason to return.

Years later, Buddha Boy suggested to give it shot with its breakfast menu.  Hey, you can't really go wrong with things like eggs and toasts, right?

Buddha Boy went with Breakfast #D.  He opted for Two Scrambled Eggs 炒雙蛋, Chicken Steak 雞扒 and upgrade the toast to French Toast 西多士.

When the plate arrived, we were a bit confused.  Why would there be gravy on the meat at this early morning hour?  Moreover, why would there be beef gravy on a chicken steak?  Speechless.

The chicken itself was already marinated so the salty gravy was not needed.  The meat was tender but not moist.  The scrambled eggs were pretty flat and didn't really seem like two eggs.  The French toast had way too much marmalade in the middle and Buddha Boy had to scrape it off just so its more bearable to eat.

Buddha Boy also added a bowl of Sliced Fish Cakes Rice Noodle Soup 潮式魚片湯河 to his breakfast combo.  This was a failure. The fish cakes had an odd fishy odor that somehow polluted the broth.  The noodles were so overcooked that it broke apart immediately when picked up with chopsticks.  Not recommended.

My choices for Breakfast #D were Two Over-hard Eggs 雙熟蛋, Pork Chop 豬扒 and French Toast 西多士.  Unlike Buddha Boy's plate, my two over-hard eggs were true eggs.  The pork was those thin and cheap commercial grade chops that are often sold in case lots.  Since I don't eat beef, I had to scrape the beef gravy off the meat.  As for the toast, I also removed most of the marmalade because it was way too sweet for me.

I also added a bowl of carbs to my breakfast combo.  The Shredded Pork & Preserved Vegetable Vermicelli 雪菜肉絲湯米 was better than Buddha Boy's bowl of flat rice noodles, but not by much.  The shredded pork was fine but the preserved vegetable was unreasonably sweet, which tainted the broth to be quite sweet too.  Noodles were al-dente.

We also shared an order of Ham & Egg Sandwich 火腿蛋三明治.  Honestly, there's really nothing wrong with this, but paying $6.99CAD for a sad-looking sandwich really annoyed us.  Grrr...

Our meal had three accompanied drinks.  I had a Hot Chocolate 熱朱古力 while Buddha Boy had two unsweetened Cold Mixed Tea & Coffee 凍鴛鴦, one for dine-in and one for take-out.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo, the to-go cup was a lot smaller than the dine-in glass.  While not as bold and rich as the ones at Gold Stone Bakery & Restaurant 金石餐廳餅店 in Chinatown, these drinks were still pretty solid.

After all said and done, our bill was $36.72CAD after tax.  Food quality was below par.  Portions were not considerable to its higher-than-usual price points.  Food delivery was extremely slow.  Service was...oh wait, what service?  Simply put, don't waste your time and money here.

 Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳
3338 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W5


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