Saturday, December 17, 2016

Epic Grill Silogs

It's the holiday season, which means we'll be spending a lot of time on the road shopping and playing the role of Santa.  After my late morning appointment with the Chinese herbalist, Buddha Boy and I, along with BabyE, battled the traffic through Queensborough and made our way to...umm...Epic Grill Silogs?

Weeks ago, there was a post on its FB page informing a temporary closure while the restaurant undergoes a change of ownership.  The post stated that the restaurant would either be back in action on December 15th or until further notice.  As promised, it returned on December 15th.
(Note: The post regarding temporary closure has been deleted by its page admin.) 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Park Crest Diner

Buddha Boy had a plan.  He planned to walk across the street to McD's after dropping off his car for service.  He planned to have a Big Breakfast with an extra order of sausage patty.

Of course, when you involved the wife and the kid, the plan never went as planned.

Since he asked, BabyE and I agreed to join him for breakfast, but not at McD's.  I drove my little cherry tomato (as my brother calls my little red car) and picked up Buddha Boy from the dealership before heading over to Park Crest Diner in the Parkcrest Shopping Centre on Broadway in Burnaby, just one block northeast of Lougheed Highway at Holdom Avenue.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The One Restaurant 美味關係

After a heartbreaking experience at Ali Shan Restaurant 阿里山品味餐廳, I needed something to overcome the heartache.  Something that better resembled the classic "railroad bento 鐵路便當".

After a quick search of local Taiwanese joints, I settled with The One Restaurant 美味關係.  Okay, I admit, I was a bit skeptical about coming here.  You see, our last visit (which was our first) in 2010 was not very pleasant.  While a few dishes were somewhat decent, the horrendous service made the whole experience miserable.

Now, six years later, before walking into the restaurant, I have told myself to stay calm.  Yes, Buddha Girl, stay calm.  Things could have improved since 2010.  And if not, just sing, "Let it go, let it go..."

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ali Shan Restaurant 阿里山品味餐廳

Since Buddha Boy had to work OT, BabyE and I were on our own for lunch.  After visiting DadT, we went for a stroll at Crystal Mall attempting to grab something quick and easy in the food court.  Well, that did not happen.  The food court was packed and I struggled to obtain a table.  It's not as easy with a baby in carriage.

On my way out, Ali Shan Restaurant 阿里山品味餐廳 caught my attention since it was pretty empty.  Buddha Boy and I have not returned since our visit in 2011, so why not try it again?  After all, things could have improved in the past five years...right?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vivacity Restaurant 名都海鮮酒家

After dropping off Buddha Dog at his doggy spa, we had a few hours to kill before returning to pick him up.  Buddha Boy and I wanted dim sum and we wanted to try somewhere we've never been before.  So, driving along Richmond's famous food street (Alexandra Road), we turned into the parking lot of Vivacity Restaurant 名都海鮮酒家 after we saw a lineup waiting outside.  It was approximately 9:30am.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy Day Cafe 喜相逢餐廳

Expanding from Richmond, a new kid has moved into our neighborhood occupying the space formerly nested by Bino's Family Restaurant on Kingsway near Joyce Street in Vancouver.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wow Thai Food

BabyE and I went for a walk again.  Our plan was to take skytrain to Stadium Station so we could do a quick grocery run at T&T then come home before the traffic rush.  Of course, things never worked out as planned, especially with a newborn.

So...our planned trip was interrupted by an unavoidable diaper change at International Village.  Then, the plan was, again, interrupted by an avoidable stroll through the food court.  Yup, blame this one on me...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

McKim Wonton Mein Saga 雲吞麵世家

In the past, we used to be able to just drop and go anywhere, anytime.  That all changed when BabyE became a lifetime member of FOOD FOR BUDDHA.  Nowadays, it takes an extra twenty to thirty minutes just to attempt to leave the house.  Yes, attempt is the keyword.

Late-night eating has also changed a lot for us.  You see, her highness, BabyE, somehow turns into a pumpkin (an adorable one, of course) by about 11pm every night and demands her beauty sleep.  To accommodate her call, we must limit ourselves from dining out late, especially if the restaurant is too far away from home (i.e. Richmond).

Lately, we've been on the hunt for late-night hubs around our neighborhood and McKim Wonton Mein Saga 雲吞麵世家 came into the picture.  I recall that we visited this restaurant years ago (never blogged about it though) and left with disappointing tummies.  Years later, after hearing about their late-night menu, Buddha Boy and I thought it's time for another try.

Uncle Ming's Kitchen 亞洲小廚

We had two hours to kill after we dropped off our truck for service in the morning.  Buddha Boy and I, along with BabyE, took a stroll around Superstore before heading for lunch at Uncle Ming's Kitchen 亞洲小廚 on the northwest corner of Main Street and Marine Drive in Vancouver.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wang's Shanghai Cuisine 上海点心店

Since the night before, we have already decided where to go for lunch after BabyE's haircut.  Our previous visit to Wang's Shanghai Cuisine 上海点心店 was quite enjoyable and we wanted to return to try a few more items on the menu.
(Click here for the blog post of our previous visit.)

We arrived approximately twenty-minutes after the restaurant opened at 11am and the place was packed.  Luckily, with a baby in the group, we didn't have to wait long and got the most ideal corner table that could accommodate a car seat comfortably.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chez Buddha - Sashimi Night

Months ago, Mr. Skipper showered us with some sashimi-grade otoro of Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) and the eyes of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus).  But, because I had a bun in the oven, I was unable to eat anything raw.  After months of waiting (and whining), the bun was finally out of the oven and I am now ready for some quality sashimi.

This time, Mr. Skipper came to Vancouver for business on a very short notice.  And, as always, he brought us lots of goodies.  Since Mr. Skipper was in town, it made sense to invite him over for dinner so he could prep and serve the sashimi for us.  Yes, our "invited" guest had to do the work...

We also asked MomJ and her friend, AuntieBo, to join us for dinner so we could cut up more maguro loins.

Garlic & Chili Restaurant 蓬萊川魯菜館

Located in a strip mall hidden one block northeast of Lougheed Highway at Holdom Avenue, Garlic & Chili Restaurant 蓬萊川魯菜館 is a ma-and-pa shop that serves homey Chinese dishes that will satisfy your simple cravings.

Since I work nearby (less than a two-minute drive), I was a bit shocked that this place never made an appearance on our blog.  My apologies.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Off The Grid Waffles

It's been a while since our last post.  With a new focus in life, our blog has dropped to the very bottom of our to-do list.  There were moments where I attempted to sit in front of a PC and type, however, things never went as planned.

That being said, I have been vividly posting photos of our eats on Instagram, and, if I remember, on Twitter and Facebook as well.  After all, posting photos from a smartphone is much easier (and faster) than typing a blog post on a PC.

 Instagram: foodforbuddha
Twitter: @BuddhaBoy604 / @BuddhaGirl604
Facebook Page: FOOD FOR BUDDHA (@FoodForBuddha)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chef Liu Kitchen 牛師父正宗台灣牛肉麵

Over the years, we have tried Chef Liu Kitchen 牛師父正宗台灣牛肉麵 a number of times and we haven't had much luck with their food.  So why am I here again?  Simply put, I am a sucker for Taiwanese's in my blood.

Perhaps being a food-court stall has prompted my returns.  You know, with so many selections in the Richmond Public Market, Buddha Boy could wander and hunt for whatever he desires while I have the option (or not) to be suckered in with the same depressing Taiwanese food.

Friday, June 24, 2016

My Greek Taverna

After a disappointing experience at Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna, I really wanted to take Buddha Boy to My Greek Taverna in Coquitlam, a place where my colleagues and I visited and enjoyed.

With no table reservation, our first try failed about a week ago on a Thursday night.  That evening, after a quick gathering with my colleagues for wings at Woody's on Brunette, Buddha Boy suggested we should go across the street and have Greek food for dinner.  We showed up at approximately 6:30pm trying to obtain a table only to find that the restaurant was packed and the wait time was at least an hour.  We ended up having dinner elsewhere.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hot Pot Legend 火锅世家

Since Buddha Boy planned to work OT, I was suppose to have dinner with my brother, Worm.  I even made an appointment with him.  But, of course, siblings love ditching one another for surprise popup's all part of being a family!  LOL!

Not sure if I had any food (or enough food) at home, Buddha Boy sets off his panic attack and decided to take all of his OT work home.  Honestly, I do have food at home, something as simple as instant noodles with spam would always satisfy my tummy.  But my husband insisted that we must head out for some real food.

Okay now...where to go and what to eat?  Buddha Boy drove into Richmond and decided to eat somewhere in Continental Plaza 置地廣場.  Ramen?  Nope.  Taiwanese food?  Nah.  Fish soup noodles?  Closed permanently.  Buddha Boy narrowed his choices down to Japanese tapas or hot pot.  Since I knew fat boy is never a fan of hot pot, I already began walking towards the tapa joint.  But, to my surprise, my husband chose AYCE hot pot...

Really?  Seriously?  Is that truly what you want?  I'm good if you are determined.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mui Garden Restaurant 梅園粉麵茶餐廳

This week, I had the luxury of having Buddha Boy as the chauffeur for my early morning appointment.  After the clinic, we went to my usual Wednesday breakfast joint only to find that it's closed for annual vacation.  Scrambling around trying to find a place to eat, Buddha Boy suggested to head over to Victoria Drive and have breakfast at either Boston Restaurant 波士頓餐廳 or Mui Garden Restaurant 梅園粉麵茶餐廳.  We ended up at the latter.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

B.C. Sushi

Another late-evening visit at St. Pauls' Hospital.  After our visit, the three siblings (Buddha Boy and I, along with my brother, Worm) drove over to BC Sushi for a late dinner.  Budget-friendly late-night menu for a group of large eaters...perfect!!!

 Since it's AYCE, there's really not much to talk about.  I'm just going to post the photos and list the items.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sea Fortune Restaurant 海洋皇宮酒家

Back in April, while having dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Skipper on the last day of their visit, they suggested that we should try the dim sum at Golden Sea City Restaurant 金城海鲜酒家 on Granville Avenue in Richmond.  They thought the prices were reasonable and the food was satisfying.

Months later, Mr. Skipper visited Vancouver again.  This time, we thought to go with his suggestion and try some cheap but decent dim sum.  Unfortunately, pretty much right after Mr. & Mrs. Skipper's visit in April, Golden Sea City Restaurant 金城海鲜酒家 has closed its doors permanently.  The same location has now been succeeded by Sea Fortune Restaurant 海洋皇宮酒樓.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant 豫湘園

Being a northern-Chinese descendant, I love noodles.  Actually, I love noodles, buns and any Chinese pastries/delicacies that are made from flour.  That being said, I'm also extremely picky and particular with the preparation/cooking methods of flour-dough, especially when it comes to texture, taste and aroma.

Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant 豫湘園, a noodle house on Victoria Drive and East 50th Avenue, has prompted many returns from us, mainly for its various types of handmade noodles.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant 嘉好海鮮美食之家

After a late evening visit at St. Pauls' Hospital, Buddha Boy and I were hungry.  It's approximately 9pm and we have not yet had dinner.  Not exactly sure what we wanted, Buddha Boy suggested to go for late-night menu at our neighborhood canteen, Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant 嘉好海鮮美食之家.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cafe Loyal 來佬快餐室

It's a Sunday...and Buddha Boy was on duty for some OT again.  Before making his way to the office, Buddha Boy wanted to make sure that his wife was properly fed...

We wanted some kind of comfort food.  After tossing ideas back and forth, Buddha Boy took me to Cafe Loyal 來佬快餐室 on Bridgeport Road at No.5 Road in Richmond.  Is this a restaurant?  Yes...and no.  Simply put, it's a food-court stall embedded in its own enclosed facility that offers HK-style cafe food expedited only over the counter instead of table service.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Empire Seafood Restaurant 帝苑皇宴海鮮酒家

Years ago, Top Gun J & C Restaurant 尖東新派食館 (now known as 名堂海鮮火鍋酒家 as its Chinese operating name) was our canteen.  It all stopped when the restaurant started using jarred garlic to steam fresh seafood (i.e. king crab, lobster, spot prawns).

Nowadays, our two top choices in Richmond for Cantonese cuisine would be Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant 金百樂海鮮酒家 on Park Road or Empire Seafood Restaurant 帝苑皇宴海鮮酒家 on No.3 Road.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grand River Seafood Restaurant 濠江尚品海鮮酒家

Before Buddha Boy officially started his new position in Coquitlam, he has been doing a lot of research of where to eat and what to eat.  After settling in for a few months, I met up with Buddha Boy for lunch at a new dim sum joint that was recently changed from a buffet to a Cantonese-style seafood restaurant, owned and operated by Chinese from China.

IKEA Restaurant

I really needed food after a lengthy morning appointment.  Since I was planning to head to IKEA in Coquitlam to pick up some storage baskets, it made sense to grab some cheap breakfast at the same time too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳

After another morning visit at the clinic, Buddha Boy and I decided to try the breakfast offerings at Cafe Gloucester 告羅士打餐廳 on Cambie Street in Vancouver.

Years ago, we've dined at this restaurant many times on different occasions but were never satisfied with its food nor the the service.  While we did not rule it out of our list, we never seemed to find a good enough reason to return.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna

After a visit at St. Pauls' Hospital, Buddha Boy and I needed dinner.  It was almost 10pm and we were starving.  Not wanting to wait any longer, Buddha Boy suggested to go for Greek food at Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna, which was just around the corner.

We don't know much about Greek cuisine but Stepho's has been on our list to try for a very long time.  Actually, Buddha Boy and I have been to Stepho's on different occasions, but that was long before we met.  :p

Banh Mi Saigon 西貢麵包

After an early morning appointment at 7:30am, we wanted a quick breakfast before Buddha Boy heads to work.  Since we were on Victoria Drive near East 41st Avenue, Buddha Boy suggested to go for banh-mi so he can bring a couple of sandwiches to office for lunch.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yu Ki BBQ Kitchen 裕記燒腊小廚

Formerly known as Yu Kee, we have frequently visited this neighborhood gem for a very long time, especially when we wanted something comforting and close to home.  In fact, we began our visits since the start of its operation when it was only a Chinese barbecue take-out.

Last year, this restaurant has quietly changed its ownership and made a slight modification to its English operating name while the Chinese name stayed the same.  Under its new name, Yu Ki BBQ Kitchen 裕記燒腊小廚, the restaurant is now owned by the head chef who previously worked under his predecessor.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tsim Chai Noodles 沾仔記

It's a Saturday...and we were stuck in a seven-hour course at the Richmond Hospital.  I thought about packing lunch boxes from home but we weren't sure about the microwave situation.  So, during our lunch break, we had to suffer through all that miserable tortures from the hospital cafeteria, brought to you by Sodexo.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Gold Stone Bakery & Restaurant 金石餐廳餅店

Another early morning at the clinic.  After my appointment, we needed breakfast before Buddha Boy heads to work.  Since we were near Chinatown, we ended up at one of our go-to places, Gold Stone Bakery & Restaurant 金石餐廳餅店.

Growing up, whenever my aunt and uncle babysat my little brother and I (pretty much every weekend), this large Chinatown cafe was our canteen.  We visited so frequently to the point that all the servers knew us by name, what we wanted to order and what our preferences were.  Decades later, the little girl became a fat woman, and some old time familiar faces still recognized me, only these days, there's a fat man accompanying me, Buddha Boy.

Owned by a Chinese family from Macau, did you know that Gold Stone 金石 originally started in Richmond?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mui Garden Restaurant 梅園粉麵茶餐廳

After trying out all the locations of Mui Garden Restaurant 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 in 604, including the branches that no longer exist, the outlet on Victoria Drive near 41st Avenue in Vancouver is our preferred fix.  Most diners, including us, often visit Mui Garden for its famous Hainan chicken and/or the coconut curry, but this divey joint also offers beloved HK-style cafe food and classic Chinese dishes.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿

After an early morning appointment at the clinic, I drove into Richmond looking for breakfast before heading over to Daiso.  It's approximately 9am and I was looking for a quick bite, preferably at a food court.  After a quick search online, I ended up at Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿.

Years ago, after many people raved about this place, Buddha Boy and I paid it a visit but left with disappointing tummies.  Years later, I thought to give it another try to see if this Taiwanese-style traditional breakfast stall can satisfy my homesickness.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Strike 破店

It was another one of my vegetarian days.  It's lunch time, where to go and what to eat.  After tossing ideas back and forth with Buddha Boy, we ended up at Strike 破店 in Richmond.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Main Island Cafe 名島魚湯米線

It's approximately 1:45pm and I needed lunch.  Stopping at the lights while driving east along Kingsway, I noticed that the old Curry King 咖哩皇 has been replaced by Main Island Cafe 名島魚湯米線, a HK-style cafe that offers mix & match fish soup noodles.  Yes, start rolling your eyes because that's how long I haven't been in the area...

After I pay-parked on the street, I noticed there's free parking at the back...yup, dumb me.  Before walking into the restaurant, I quickly searched online for ratings or reviews...and it's not looking positive.  Oh well, since I already paid for an hour, I might as well try it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kwan Luck Restaurant 君悅海鮮中菜館

No food at home...and I didn't want instant noodles.  So when Buddha Boy got home from work at about 8pm, he took MomJ and I to the closest Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood, Kwan Luck Restaurant 君悅海鮮中菜館.  This place is so close that we could/should have walked there, but nah, driving made sense since it was late and cold.  Thank goodness parking was easy today, or else we would have to go with our backup plan, Mui Garden 梅園 on Victoria Drive.

The three of us ordered four items from the mix & match combo dinner menu plus one item from the wall menu.  The combo dinner set includes soup of the day, a bucket of white rice, dessert of the day and a choice of half Hainan Chicken 海南雞 or Clams in Black Bean Sauce 豉汁炒蜆.

Of course, the long-boiled soup arrived first.  The soup of the day was Pitahaya Flower & Pork Bone Soup 霸王花煲豬骨.  The soup had minimal MSG with ample amounts of flower fiber strands and tender chunks of meat that fell apart from the pork bones.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Enjoy Cafe 1+1餐廳

After dropping off Buddha Dog at his day spa, Buddha Boy and I had a little over an hour to kill before my TCM appointment.  Perfect time to have a quick breakfast...but where?  Not wanting to go far, we ended up Enjoy Cafe 1+1餐廳, which was about a block away from the doggie spa.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pearl Hot Pot 珍珠小火鍋

There's not a lot of personal-sized hot pot restaurants in 604.  Other than Pearl Hot Pot 珍珠小火鍋, what other personal-sized hot pot places come across your mind?  And by this, I mean those true hot pot restaurants, not those bubble tea joints that offer mini pots as entrees.

Fire Pots?  KK Dollar Hot Pot 開開豆撈坊?  Gokudo Shabu Shabu Hot Pot 極道涮涮鍋?  Or the old HKYK Hot Pot 英記火鍋?

Pearl was (and still is) the first place in 604 that offered personal-sized shabu-shabu hot pots.  While "shabu-shabu" is Japanese, this place is purely Taiwanese-owned and Taiwanese-run, even the menu is very Taiwanese.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Greenday Vegetarian 綠日素食

Located where the former Woo Ying's Vegetarian 如意吉祥素食 was, Greenday Vegetarian 綠日素食 is the new kid in Pacific Plaza 太古廣場.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

G8 Taiwan Kitchen 雞霸王

In late 2015, a new Taiwanese restaurant popped up on Oak Street near West 67th Avenue in Vancouver's Marpole neighborhood.  Remember that popular food stand at Richmond Night Market offering those yummy Taiwanese salt & crispy chicken 鹽酥雞?  According to some Chinese forums and blogs, the creator of G8 Taiwan Kitchen 雞霸王 is the owner/operator of that beloved stall.

Not knowing that the restaurant is closed on Mondays, our first attempt failed.  Then, after checking its Facebook page to confirm the operating hours, we attempted to visit for dinner but arrived to find that it only opens for lunch on Thursdays.  Well, I guess it's true when people say third time's the charm...we were finally seated on our third try.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant 嘉好海鮮美食之家

Because Buddha Boy has been busy with deadlines at work and I have limited mobility to do grocery shopping on my own, we have been dining out a lot lately.  Tonight, Buddha Boy suggested to go for the mix & match combo dinner 合菜 (和菜) at our neighborhood canteen.

The two of us ordered six items from the Family Combo 精美和菜 menu plus a dish off the regular menu.  The combo includes relevant portions of soup, rice and dessert.  We requested to only have four of the seven dishes served to us while the other three packed as take-out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Soup House 湯.com

After a disappointing meal at East One Seafood Restaurant 食家飯堂, Buddha Boy and I wanted a reasonable-priced mix & match combo dinner 合菜 (和菜).  We were lazy and didn't want to go to far from home, but at the same time, we wanted to try somewhere other than our usual neighborhood canteen, Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant 嘉好海鮮美食之家.  Flipping through my phone, I came across the food photos from our previous visit to The Soup House 湯.com where we ordered a few  dinner dishes on top of pot-rice orders.  Well, I think we just decided where we're going for dinner.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

East One Seafood Restaurant 食家飯堂

As we mentioned in our first post of this newly opened restaurant located on 1st Avenue and Renfrew Street in Vancouver, Buddha Boy would like to give it another chance and try its dinner dishes.  So, here we were...dragging along MomJ for the experience.

Our meal started with a bowl of Wonton in Soup 淨雲吞, something Buddha Boy enjoyed last visit and wanted MomJ to try.  Unfortunately, the wontons were overcooked and the broth was overly salty.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Iron Kitchen 鐵廚

In the fourth-quarter of 2015, Buddha Boy and I visited this restaurant when it first opened.  At that time, we mentioned we would return simply because it's in our neighborhood and the food was acceptable at its price points.  Since then, we have not yet visited.  Until recently, I returned a couple of times to have its mix & match soup noodle combo.  Here's one of the visits...

First to arrive was my half-sweetened Black Tea 泡沫紅茶.  Unlike out previous visits where our drinks were solid, this time, the tea was quite diluted.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

East One Seafood Restaurant 食家飯堂

During a pho lunch gathering, Seto-san mentioned there's a new restaurant opened up where the former Venice Garden 海皇 was.  Curiosity got the best hold of me as I began my search online for some photos or menus.  No luck.  How about flipping thru Ming Pao 明報?  No luck.  In the end, Buddha Boy simply said, "Why don't we just go there for brunch tomorrow?"  And that's exactly what we did.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BT Cafe 大拇指餐廳

After my early morning appointment at the clinic, I was hungry.  It was approximately 9:15am and I wanted some kind of Chinese breakfast, more specifically, some kind of HK-style breakfast.  Not wanting to go far, I wanted stop by a place along my way driving home.  After a quick search online, I ended up at the long forgotten BT Cafe 大拇指餐廳 located across from ICBC Claim Centre on Kingsway in Vancouver.

I visited this restaurant years ago when it first opened.  At that time, I quite enjoyed the mix & match fish soup noodles.  Weeks later, I dragged Buddha Boy there for dinner and, while nothing spectacular, we were satisfied.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine 百達門星洲美食

Years ago, after reading a post on 604 Munchies, we visited Prata-Man 百達門 on the day Buddha Boy returned from his boys-only golf trip.  I remember that we left the dive with satisfying tummies.  Now, years later, Buddha Boy and I thought to give this place another try.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

We like Nando's, but after trying multiple outlets of their famous flame-grilled chicken, we would now only visit the location at Big Bend Crossing.  Why?  Because we have encountered quality differences between the outlets and the one in south Burnaby has yet to disappoint us.

Loving grilled meats (especially chicken), Buddha Boy was excited that Nando's competitor, Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken, has recently opened a location at Market Crossing, a shopping complex directly across from Big Bend Crossing on Marine Way near Byrne Road in Burnaby.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wang's Shanghai Cuisine 上海点心店

Once upon a time, a lady (let's call her Original-Chen) opened Chen's 白玉蘭 on No.3 Road which later moved to Park Road in Richmond.  The Original-Chen then sold the business and opened the popular XLB stall in Crystal Mall.  Years later, she sold the food court business to successor #1 (forgot its name) and opened a restaurant where the current Good Eat Seafood Restaurant 惠食佳海鲜酒家 is in Richmond.  Then she gave up the restaurant location, went and bought back that same Crystal Mall stall and continued her XLB operation.  The cycle went on as Original-Chen sold the stall to successor #2 (Wang's) and opened its current Shanghai Morning Restaurant 小南國上海小吃 on Alexandra Road in Richmond.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chez Buddha - Seafood Boil

In the winter seasons, hot pot gatherings seem to be the norm at Chez Buddha, but what about the summer seasons?  How about some seafood boil?

Years ago, we had a test run of crab pot with Colleen & Marv of 604 Munchies.  Last year, we huddled with Seto-San, MomJ and the Little Lee's for some clam bake.  This time, we gathered up the same gang from last year along with our friends visiting from Taiwan (Mr. & Mrs. Skipper) for some seafood boil.